Merry KISHmas!

Merry KISHmas! Yes, I am never retiring this signature greeting. Most importantly, I will never lose my love for Christmas even during this crazy tough year. When I re-opened exactly a day before lockdown (can you believe that), I was already thinking of the holidays, the KISH way — big and lavish! And despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, I reckon that Christmas should not be cancelled but rather still be celebrated — scaled down but nevertheless uplifting!

Our t-shirt collab with Zarah Juan in white, grey & black with Bagobo beading

This year, we have collaborated with local brands to create little gifts for the season. Zarah Juan and I have come up with a limited collection of shirts featuring the iconic baluster coupled with the artisanal beading of the Bagobo tribe whom she works closely with.

Very excited about this as this my first venture into fashion! Who knew?

Our gift box of coffee mug and freshly ground coffee

Another collaboration that I worked on is something close to my heart and palette- coffee… and of course, mugs to go with it. Working with Bijin Craft, I resurrected a past coffee mug design from when I was in Bali during the 90s. This time with matching saucer plates in different colors and earthen textures, signed and numbered (only 25 sets). Of course we added 100 grams of freshly ground coffee , carefully sourced from the mountains of Benguet by Kalsada Coffee. I highly suggest that you pre-order a gift box now which will then be available for delivery or pick-up starting December 15, 2020.

Matches, trinkets, stationaries, and more

Aside from these exciting collabs, expect an entire selection of gifting items that will soon be up on our newly minted website. Beautiful stationeries, home trinkets, even bespoke matchsticks- all handpicked by yours truly.

Merry KISHmas and happy online shopping!