Usually served as a condiment, there’s nothing quite like the taste of fermented krill or alamang and the local shrimp paste. We made these uniquely Filipino sauces shine more in all its salty glory by sautéing it with sinful chunks of crispy pork belly and served with rice.

Php 575.00

Wild Tilapia Sinugno

In case you’ve missed it, dishes on this section of the menu celebrates and elevates all things Filipino.
 Sinugno—a delicacy which provinces like Quezon and Batangas have versions of, tastes like the Philippines in one plate. Our version makes use of Wild Tilapia raised in the lakes of Laguna, grilled on a banana leaf with burnt coconut, guava and served with rice.

Php 330.00

Chicken and Pork Adobo Dilaw

This vibrant (and healthier) version of the Philippines’ national dish is made rich with local coconut milk, punctuated by complementing turmeric and other aromatics. Served with rice.

Php 475.00

Bangus Salpicao

Championing Filipino once more is our own rendition of the salpicao. This slow-cooked goodness highlights the versatility and taste of the country’s national fish, bangus flavors on a bowl.

Php 560.00