Marikit Lamp

Aptly named Marikit— a Filipino word that means beautiful, this piece that marries nostalgic and undoubtedly Filipino elements of baluster and rattan weaves known as solihiya, easily transports one to days gone by. Made of kiln- dried Gmelina wood, rattan, and marble.

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Paso Planter

Rooted in style

The Tagbanua tribe’s tingkop basket which inspired ITO KISH’s Santamaria stool, is reimagined once more— this time, as an indoor-outdoor planter in Paso, the Filipino word for pot. Intricate plaid-pattern weaves encase this handcrafted sanctuary for your thriving greens. 

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Armando Accent Table/Stool

Weaves of Inspiration

Made for indoor or outdoor use, the Armando Accent Table is a product of Ito’s playful design imaginings, this time melding the personalities of his existing pieces— the geometric shape of the Basilisa barrel table with the intricate fabrications of other hallmark ITO KISH pieces.

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B-Luxe Chair

A beloved classic rendered anew, the B-luxe design takes the wrought iron Batibot chair from the turn of the 20th century, reconstructed in chrome, copper, and brass. An asymmetrical backrest adds a relaxed air in a manner evocative of contraposto, giving the pieces, an organic understated grace.

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Inspired by a garden birdhouse, this ITO KISH original lighting piece casts a surprising silhouette of a perching bird when lit. A metal stand in gold finish supports the wood and veneer birdhouse shade. Laid inside the shade is the designer’s well-loved Bukid wallpaper which adds a nostalgic sense of the provincial life to this playful piece. Comes in two sizes and two colors.

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The inception of the Semana came like an epiphany, when the designer once took part at a Good Friday procession in his hometown of San Pablo, Laguna. The vision— a crux of form and function, is a four-shelf cabinetry of tubular, curved visage inlaid with a Mother of Pearl cross, finished off with an elegant marble.

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Inspired by the urna, the shrine found in the home of many Catholics, Sagrada is a novel decorative piece. It is made from wood and mirror with etching. An arresting piece of decor in itself, it can also be used to house small treasures. Hang it on a wall, or place it on a tabletop.

Allow the Sagrada to remind you of our relation to a higher being, regardless of faith.

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La Union

The oscillating waves and laid-back culture of the surfing capital of the north inspired the La Union console table. Metal rings covered with rattan depict waves and ripples, while Mother of Pearl details represent the splendor of the ocean. Everything comes together to give an impression of lightness and fluidity.

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The Basilisa collection combines geometric forms with the intricate lattice of solihiya, woven from rattan. Interesting visual tension is created in the mix of strong shapes and delicate design. The sun on the solihiya results in coins of light in beautiful repeating patterns.

The Basilisa collection is made with kiln-dried mahogany and rattan. In this collection are five different weaves used to represent the different regions of the archipelago.

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Binhi is the Filipino word for seed. It is a grain of energy that transforms into life. Inspired by this organic form, the Binhi collection stays faithful to the seed’s purpose in fostering growth— both in a literal and a bigger, more profound sense. The three-piece seating nurtures the life of thriving greens as it invites you to spend a moment of repose.

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The Rodolfo console is made from black veneer and mahogany, meticulously lined with pinnidae shell bursting from a lone aperture, creating a lustrous, organic effect. The piece appears to hold its weight differently depending on the viewer’s perspective — a duality created by the robust yet fissured chassis.

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Inspired by the Manila Metropolitan Theater’s arabesque and geometric Art Deco design, the Arellano collection blends a soft and organic aesthetic with a bold and taut one. The vases, crafted in fine bone china, capture the strength and romance of architect Juan Arellano’s seminal design.

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The Santamaria stools are inspired by the artistry of one of the oldest Visayan ethnic groups, the Tagbanua. The shape of the stool is drawn from their tingkop basket. Keeping true to the spirit of the inspiration, the Santamaria also doubles as a storage bin. We marry this artifact from the past with the present, by weaving the Santamaria in
modern chevron and houndstooth patterns.

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The Kristina is a dinnerware collection featuring Filipino life vignettes. It was designed to truly celebrate meal time, a moment when the Filipino family gathers for both nourishment and connection.

The Kristina collection is made of fine bone china. It comes in three designs.

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Inspired by carved cathedral candelabras, the Rosario collection refashions the look into a more restrained, modern piece. The Rosario collection is made from kiln-dried gmelina wood, and shagreen (stingray leather).

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The Josefina is a nod to the classic plantation lounge chairs of post-colonial Philippines. Except this comes with a touch of dark seduction. The entire piece is in matte black with florid carvings of roses and coquilles.

The Josefina lounge is made from kiln-dried gmelina wood, rattan, and shagreen (stingray leather).

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Bamboo chairs drawn from the memory of a bamboo house on stilts, the Julia collection is inspired by the provincial home of Ito Kish’s beloved grandmother. The designs are his version of the homespun chairs in that old house. The collection is a love letter to simpler times gone by.

The Julia collection is made from rattan & PE plastic— built for indoor, and durable outdoor use. The Julia collection comes in different colours.

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The Baluster collection draws inspiration from the balustrade, a ubiquitous structural and decorative element in colonial Hispanic architecture. An extensive collection, the Baluster comprises chairs, tables, cabinets, and accessories. As the central motif of every piece, wooden balusters are used primarily as a support structure, while their placements and variations create interesting, dynamic patterns.

The balusters are made of kiln-dried, lightweight Gmelina wood. Some pieces in the collection also use other materials, such as rattan for hand-woven seats, marble slabs for tabletops, and MDF and veneer for cabinet fascia, shelves and sidings.

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