Season Six

Of binge-watch and a bigger ITO KISH space

This pandemic has made us experts on binge-watching. One Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon Amazon Prime’s comedy special called Yearly Departed. Its all-female cast which includes Jane Fonda, delivered eulogies to the things that they are saying goodbye to from the year’s past while looking forward to what’s ahead. Of course, it got me thinking— what did this pandemic make me realize? Apart from surviving this one hell of a ride caused by COVID, I am really grateful for having a personal space that continuously gives me joy, and even hope. Simple as it may seem, I believe the pandemic really heightened the importance having a beautiful and inspiring sanctuary.

And as we all slowly go back to the pre-pandemic ways of life, I want to share more of what keeps me alive and hopeful— beautiful spaces. Spaces that inspire, spaces that tell a story. With this, I decided to expand my current retail space to create bigger spaces for my original ITO KISH designs and more selections of mid-century-inspired furniture that I personally handpicked. These new sections will open as we begin our 6th season on July 7, 2022. We also updated our store hours as we are now open from Thursdays to Saturdays, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm but would still appreciate it if you set an appointment before your visit.

Ever since, my intent for the ITO KISH retail has always been to tell stories and to create a curated experience. This is exactly what this new version of our store will be, something you’ll definitely binge on.