Travel and See the Other Side

Historico Central de Quito


Travel and See the Other Side

It has been a while since the last time we shared a story, and so I am back with something for everyone.

I have always wanted to travel to South America, but I was always discouraged by the long flight. The Idea of over 30 hours trip is like forever. My friend asked me to join her to go to Argentina to realize that she was not sure about her plans and so I end up going on my own.

Otavalo craft market, Ecuador, Cusco & Lima food trip

It was the right timing that I have to finish my NYC project that realizes it will be near to travel. So end up planning on my own, booked flights, accommodations and passes. I went to 4 countries (Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil) alone. It was a very different culture to experience. The highlight of the trip was my visit to 3 UNESCO world heritage. Quito, Ecuador where I stayed in the Historic Central de Quito area. And also traveled to the town of Otavalo for its famous craft market where I end up buying a local blanket for $25.00. Cusco, the Inca capital was terrific as the place looks very well-preserved. Then I went to see the glorious Machu Pichu, a sight to behold. Not to mention that all I did in Lima was to eat and eat and eat.

Street of Buenos Aires & Teatro Colon

I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina which was a different experience. It reminded me of Paris with its beautiful architecture. Make a turn, and you will feel the vibe of NYC. I also love Opera Colon, considered as one of the best in the world.

Ai Wei Wei 1200 bicycles, Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum by Niemeyer & Christ the Redeemer

Last stop was Brazil, I got the chance to see the Ai Wei Wei Retrospective in Sao Paolo, and it was terrific. I was never really a fan of his works, but when you get to see that much amount of his work, then you can not help but to give it to him. I was off to Rio De Jainero and really got to feel the vibe of this beautiful city, with the beach, samba, mountains and lots of sexiness around, you can not help but love the city.

Sao Bento Church Rio De Jainero

It was the first time I traveled that long and far. I could have stayed a few more weeks if I didn’t have a commitment in NYC.

Now I have to plan my return visit.

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