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Illuminating Reflections

Using the right lighting in your home matters the most when it comes to setting the mood and making the most of your space.


(Pickle Antique Zinc Mirror)

The placement and type of lighting works in relation to the room’s size, color palette, and furniture selection. If your console table needs spicing up, a bright lamp will complement and illuminate the entirety of the area. I suggest the Bristy Lamp from our holiday collection, which is made of gold-plated brass that beautifully reflects off your interior lighting and adds a bit of shine to any room. For something simple with a classy silhouette, the black Wolseley Lamp is a perfect choice. If you’re considering something more unique and unusual, the Salisbury and Paisley Lamp both feature a patterned base and boast an elegant lace design.


(Salisbury Lamp, Black Wolseley Lamp)

Room accessories are also a great way to add a bit of flashiness to a drab looking area. The Pickle Mirror is composed of a contemporary sunburst design which comes in three color choices of gold, nickel, and antique zinc. This mirror is a terrific accent piece, adding some drama and radiance without being too heavily ornate. If you’re looking for a more subtle piece, I also recommend our classic Round Mirror, decorated with relief leaves that give a more elegant and subdued aesthetic.


(Round Mirror with Relief Leaves, Salisbury Lamp)

Want to brighten up your space with more of our glamorous lights and mirrors? Check out the whole Christmas 2016 collection and see what fits your story.

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New York State of Mind


Who isn’t in love with the idea of New York City? Most people I know would love to witness the grandness of the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, or gaze upon the legendary One World Trade Center.  At the end of the day, New York is where everyone wants to be!


It was a pleasure to have a penthouse interior design project, standing over Madison Avenue. During both my first time in NYC and my recent visit, I still can’t help but be blown away by the stunning and artful ambiance that the city gives. I get the same feeling of excitement every time I stroll around Central Park, pass by the Oculus, and experience the Art Deco lobby in the Empire State Building. Many more of these give much of an influence revamping the unfinished story of our client’s pad.


(Some of the details from our penthouse project in Madison Avenue)

Home to more than 500 art galleries, hailed as the dance capital of the world, and acting as the busy center of many political and cultural movements, the hustling, bustling New York will forever be an inspiration to me. The epitome of this beautiful and timeless city is a wonderful story.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 3.01.19 PM