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For me designing is essentially telling a story--a carefully planned projection of aspirations, a distillation of taste, or a recovery of memories. Whether I'm designing the interiors of a house or the new logo of a company, I obtain my basic materials from the client and weave them together in the best way I can.

Curated elements for a stylish home

For over a decade now, I’ve been scouring international markets, trade shows, and specialty sources to gather unique pieces that I feel will reflect the different aesthetic directions of my clients. This specialized sourcing and retail service is dispensed under the brand KISH.

I’m keenly interested in providing my clients with tools that can help them express their style, and even discover ones that may have been lying dormant in their imagination. This has inspired me to keep at what I’ve been doing, but with stronger commitment, passion, and, if I may be immodest for a moment, increasing mastery.

After closing our showroom in June 2017, we have since ventured into seasonal pop-up events as we continue to create inspiring stories for your home.


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A refined eye for design and a dedication to craft

The return to my indigenous design heritage was ironically inspired by my exposure to what was out there in the world. That made me realize and acknowledge the talent, expertise, and resources that might possibly go to waste if they are not revisited, updated and adapted.

I named my design arm ITO KISH HOME. My collections would garner accolades and awards, but more importantly, they would find strong resonance with my clients.


Your style,
masterfully edited

We design custom and bespoke interiors that reflect the aspirations and personal taste of our client. Drawing inspirations from established styles or creating new visions underpin our interior design services. We take care to introduce our client’s personal heirlooms in thoroughly modern, functional settings.


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In whatever I do, I always put my clients first. My design is about them after all; I'm there to help them articulate their message better. As I always assure them, "This is your story."

- Ito Kish, Chief Visual Storyteller