Design and Aesthetic



Candlelit Holidays

Lights are very much associated with the holiday season. Whenever I see stunning lights scattered inside and outside my home, it’s definitely a sign for me that Christmas is fast approaching.


After having traveled in select locations around Europe, I’ve definitely developed a taste for the European aesthetic, particularly in the form of candleholders. Simple yet elegant, adding a candleholder to any space instantly gives it an upgrade. There’s nothing nicer or more remarkable than a variety of specially collected candles and candleholders to update your place.


Standing out with a jolly motif, the Elias and Maximus Votive Light candle holders come in geometric shapes that cast beautiful tones and shadows in a candlelit room. Blend in some Hurricane Santorini candle holders in shades of blue and green to add a heightened effect, as well as a touch of the Aegean Sea. The effect that these candles have all together are sublime. I get a very relaxed feeling from watching the colours and shapes of these lit candleholders dance across the walls of a cozy living room or dining area.


From plains to prints, Fornasetti candles are a great match for any season. The iconic designs of Italian artist Piero Fornasetti take on a retrospective graphic approach, and are used to embellish ceramic containers for scented candles. Fill your home with these luxurious items along with the scent and aroma of a beautiful Fornasetti piece to warm your house for the holidays. A good scent always puts me in a cheerful holiday mood, and is a great way to set up your evening at home after a busy day.

If traditional candleholders, aren’t your thing, the magical look of the Waxine Spinning Birds and Butterflies candle holders will definitely add a touch of merriness to your living area. The way these candleholders spin in a slow and serene manner creates a magical illusion that is definitely reminiscent of the Christmas season.

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Timeless Memories


During approach of the new year, I like to give myself the opportunity to create space for new memories and captured moments. There’s nothing more satisfying than receiving or purchasing a new picture frame to display any precious snippets from the past.



More than just a picture holder, a frame conveys a message about your home and even your personal tastes. When it comes to design and aesthetics, it adds character and personality to the theme that you may want to achieve.

Featuring a new selection of picture frames under our holiday collection, you are sure to find a design that will suit the look of your home. May it be Scandinavian, Minimalist or Modern, I have selected frames that will correspond to all these in very flexible, yet classic styles.


Some of the gorgeous pieces that I recommend are the Boutons de Roses frame for its mirror boarder element; the Antique Gold frame for its circular shape and fine details; and the Noeud Antique Rectangle frame for its classical design.

The KISH STORIES showroom is located at 233 Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel-Air II, Makati City. For the holiday season, the showroom will be open on November 30. Our store is open at 11am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday.

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